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Before deciding on a repair method, you must determine what is causing the distress in order to choose the correct method of repair. We diagnose and solve problems to home foundations with the following common types of repair. 


Steel Piers

Steel piers revolutionized the foundation repair process. Not only do they take less time to install, disturb less landscape than traditional concrete piers, but they are also the most dependable method.

Steel piers are installed by using a hydraulic press to push the pipe to create a single continuous and immobile pier. Once installed, the hollow steel pier is filled with cement-like grout and capped and shimmed like concrete piers. 


Concrete Piers

Concrete piers are the most commonly used in foundation repair and were the preferred method of repair prior to the invention of the hydraulic driven steel pier.

Concrete piers are installed by using a hydraulic press to push the cylinder into the ground to the point of refusal. Once installed, the pier is capped and shimmed to an exact height. 


Drilled Piers

A drilled pier is the most versatile pier, it is used on slab foundations, pier & beam foundations, and home additions. 

A drilled pier is installed by a hole being dug, rebar is placed inside the hole and filled with concrete mixture. The concrete must be cured before the house may be lifted. 

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